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KMPlayer is what?

KMPlayer is a multimedia software media can play almost all video formats, music ... with the sound quality of the best images of 2013 software today. And in particular, this latest version of KMPlayer is a standard Vietnamese support, can help you easily use.

The default view of kmplayer

About KMPlayer

KMPlayer does not have any separate codecs, you can play any media file for KMP has its own codec. Codec support is separated by internal and external. For audio codecs, KMPlayer supports AC3, DTS, MPEG1, 2, AAC, WMA 7, 8, OGG ... and it adds support matrix function / normalizer function as internal audio codec is used. Codec handled internally within the KMPlayer 2013 to its faster and safer. Also KMPlayer supports all ffdshow codecs and plugins from support MPEG1 / 2. If you are a user that finds it inconvenient to install codecs, who has a low CPU computers and / or users who strive for a more player media playback great Great, you can change your environment in a convenient multi-media format using the latest KMPlayer.

Vietnamese interface of the latest kmplayer 2013

The functions of KMPlayer

KMPlayer + will provide functionality for users to easily organize and view Music Videos, DVD, etc. is stored in the computer of their own, so functional multimedia-based media center of interest can easily be provided to the home entertainment components. - First KMP provides only simple functions that users can play videos or listen to music stored in the user's computer only. - KMP +, the new version was released in 2011 have changed from functional stand alone simple media player with the ability to communicate between people & can be used to enjoy Live Video & Listen to Music at the same time through a social service through live play connections to the SNS.

Album Art KMPlayer 2.0
With a library system to easily manage, KMPlayer Album Art 2.0 provides content focused user management services. - Similar to the video series can be automatically combined as a video and was held in a separate folder for Video & DVD. It is a service in which the pictures folder can be changed to poster images can be provided so that users can effectively manage their directory. Their music, users can extract images and album organizing their libraries separately in the chart and their characteristics. Download idm latest version 2013 for faster loading.

Open service platform
Add KMPlayer is oriented in the Flash Platform on multiple media centers, and with a click of a button, you can easily install and use applications that you want to use Flash. Basing It is often used Flash and it can easily be accessed for the purpose of development. - We can provide API for Flash development, design and development documentation when needed. Also upon request, a different kind of content can be carried out as games, entertainment, education and application content.

KMPlayer 3D
KMPlayer supports 3D formats (side-by-side, top and bottom) with a component video memory and low CPU optimized to provide a development and stability through the support GPU. With a click of a button, you will be able to experience the world of 3D cinema great and you can easily enjoy 3D content without the need for 3D movie download Apps Plus offered by KMP Plus.
Through KMPlayer, experience vivid and crisp, high-resolution 3D movies at home.
Plus Store (Coming Soon)
Plus the store is currently being developed as a Flash-based platform on the market of multimedia services through KMP Plus and through a simple registration and installation of plug-ins that can be used to enjoy rich services such as Video On-line Music, or the game. Except for some premium content, all other services can be used without a fee can access anytime / anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. For an entrance easy and convenient to our Store Plus to support content-seller, we can provide for the development and / or design guidelines as needed.

Cloud KMP (Coming Soon)
KMP cloud computing is currently being developed as a feature in which a user can manage files media library was his editing of his album art with ease and convenient.
Library catalogs were compiled from files of individual users can be synchronized anytime / anywhere and can also be easily managed. Cloud KMP provided by N-Screen synchronization with Album Art of KMP + 's. All services are provided in the form of Live Streaming and is registered in the Windows service application so that users can use the service even if the user's computer is locked. Also, by using the connected device KMP function, you will be able to use DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) services even in countries where it is not provided by using the N-Screen service through many different types of mobile devices vary if you use TV receiving card over 3G or Wi-Fi, at anywhere / anytime .
Intel WiDi KMPlayerKMP Plus Version 3.2 supports Intel WiDi functionality can be used through a dedicated

System requirements of the software KMPlayer 3.5:

  • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32bit) / Windows 7 (32bit)
  • Higher coal Direct x9.0
  • More than 30M of Free Hard Disk Space

Download KMplayer

The KMPlayer last until early 2013, the next you KMPlayer will be updated in this section